Artificial Intelligence

Perimeter Protection

Advanced perimeter protection technology providing cost-effective AI transformation and security upgrades. With superior situational awareness AI perimeter protection function can significantly reduce false alarm and bring high accuracy performance to end-users.

Perimeter protection• All humans & moving cars detected

• Each person is counted and tracked individually

• Distant objects can be detected

• False alarm filter/ Object classification, alarm can only be triggered by the human or vehicle, support human and vehicle target search.

• Perimeter protection is capable of analyzing targets based on deep learning to differentiate people and vehicles making video search and retrieval more efficient.

• It is able to filter out false alarms caused by animals, rustling leaves, bright lights. Enables secondary recognition of the targets such as identify human and vehicles.

Face Recognition

Identifies persons of interest with algorithms pinpoint multiple areas of interest on a person’s face for deeper analysis. Stranger mode which detects a face not stored before in the database will triggers an alarm, takes a snapshot or records the face for further scrutiny

Proactive searches improve critical incident response. It is able to categorizes features including age, gender, expression and whether the target wears glasses or sports facial hair.

Real Time Filtering of Human Faces, Fast Search: only displays faces with targeted features.

Data collected can be useful in identifying trends to improve business

Business Intelligence

Improve customer service by setting rules to send alerts when, for example, cashiers’ lines are getting long.  People counting helps determine the flow in the designated areas and aids in running a more efficient business.

Intelligent video technologies can be applied to retail in a multitude of ways:
•    People-counting, to track customer flow and numbers
•    VIP recognition, so retailers can tailor service to key individuals
•    Heat mapping, to reveal the popularity of specific goods in the store
•    Queue detection, to monitor the queuing situation in real-time
•    Point of Sale (POS) integration, to retrieve precisely when dispute occurs

Thermal Camera Intelligent

Smart Functions 
Equipped with on-board video analytics features, it is able to delivers intelligent functions to monitor a scene including for abandoned or missing objects, line crossing detection and intrusion detection for perimeter protection.

Additionally, it is also suitable for remote temperature monitoring to prevent accidents. Temperature-anomaly and fire detection effectively help prevent fires, structural hazards, and many other threats to persons and property.

Intelligent thermal solutions provide proactive surveillance in applications such as perimeter security, patrol, ports and harbors, critical infrastructure, processing and manufacturing plants, remote temperature monitoring and various similar and demanding security environments.

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