IP Camera Solutions

Benefits of IP surveillance system

Better clarity

Video resolution of an IP Cameras can be more than 50 times higher than the basic analog camera. Image clarity is one of the major concerns in the security industry, it is also an inevitable trend in the surveillance industry. IP camera allows delivery of both high quality video and audio and can go even further offering 8K Ultra HD resolution that really makes a huge difference in the image details.

Artificial Intelligent

IP Cameras offer some of the most advanced AI technologies, including machines learning algorithm that support various applications from people counting, facial and metadata collection, to vehicle plate recognition and automated security alerts. We can help protect your property, business and employees from security threats using AI technology.

Easy to install for home and office

IP Cameras makes the installation of the product very simple because no complicated wiring are required. Installation can be quick and easy by using plug-and-play PoE Cameras that can transmit both data and power with a single network cable.
Eliminating tangled cables and simplifying wiring around the house.

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What is PoE

PoE Network Switch

PoE or Power Over Ethernet technology refer to any IP terminal that allows the electricity to power up the device to be transmitted along the Ethernet cables rather than by power cords. It allows a single cable to provide both data connection and DC power to devices such as IP cameras, IP phones and wireless access point.

By eliminating the need for power cord and power  supply, PoE IP Cameras takes less time to install and it is easier to maintain.

4K IR Long-distance Vari-focal ePoE Dome
4MP IR WiFi 2.8 mm Mini Bullet
2MP IR WiFi 2.8 mm Mini Dome
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