Access Control System

Secure Your Business with an Access Control System

Fingerprint Access Reader

Your access system can be as flexible or as stringent as required and greatly complements a CCTV Surveillance System.

Access control lets you manage entry and exit to your premise and provide protection against unauthorized entry and trans-passing.

The right entry system can also provide you with advanced features such as time attendances. Recording the details of incoming and outgoing data, monitor employee movement within a building and restrict access to sensitive areas.

Buildings And Apartments Management

Elevator Access

Security is a huge concern for apartments, condominiums , financial institution and mixed use buildings.

With additional layer of security to your elevator making sure that no unwanted strangers or unauthorized people can gain access in your building.

Intelligent Access Control

Access control systems may be install as a basic standalone or appended it to an networked system. Standalone access control systems are simple to install and cost effective while an integrated systems supports enhance security policy and monitoring.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

  • Prevent unwanted visitor access and intrusions
  • Protect information and documents from access and theft
  • Secure inventory and equipment from misuse
  • Restrict employee movement during and after operating hours
  • Monitor and audit staff movement and security policy

Quantum access controller can be used with more than just standard doors; turnstiles, car-park barriers, apartment gates, and even document cabinets can also operate with the same controller for integrated security.

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