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Maritime IT Services from Quantum

Quantum provide maritime organizations with IT services in Singapore. We are able to design and maintain your shipboard IT systems including purpose built computer systems, hardware and appliance products.

Quantum has the knowledge and experience to tackle any maritime IT needs. Being Microsoft & Cisco Certified, we are able to advice concerning hardware and software, servers, virtualization and usage protocols.

How can we help you?

  • IT Infrastructure Design
  • New build IT Implementation
  • IT re-design for Refit & Conversion
  • Networking Solutions
  • Wireless
  • Remote Support
  • Service and maintenance
  • Data Backup
  • Recovery Solutions

Our Services

Project Support

We will support you from the initial design phase to the delivery and installation of all IT systems and services.

IT network design

Design of resilient networked systems that are capable of supporting critical services, ensuring connectivity to communication servers, storage and backup.

IT hardware and installation

Whether it is purpose-build or renewal, we will integrate and deploy new devices for you in any parts in the world.

Software and maintenance

On-time planned maintenance for software update of your infrastructure is essential. We will make the upgrade process seamless for your vessel.

Backup and recovery

Be sure that all your critical data is backed up on a schedule that protects your business from downtime in the event of a disaster.


We can integrate and install CCTV easily and inexpensively. You can monitor all sides of your vessel, gangway, engine room and exhaust funnel all at once.
Typical Shipboard IT Setup

CCTV for Maritime Safety, Turns Night into Day with Thermal Imaging.

Thermal imaging and CCTV has proven to be extremely useful in reducing collision risks, identifying possible pirate intrusions and detect small objects like RIBs and speedboats even in rainy, foggy and harsh sea conditions.

Easily and inexpensively, you can monitor all sides of your vessel, gangway, engine room, exhaust funnel etc. all at once. With existing LAN integration, our system is able to view and control from any PC on the network.

CCTV can provide substantial evidence footage in insurance claims or in cases involving maritime and admiralty accidents. Safety when maneuvering and additional safety when docked. CCTV cameras are worth the investment in peace of mind alone.

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